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Telema Portal
Telema Portal user accounts
Trade partners’ connections (Linking)
Company data modification

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Telema Portal

What is Telema Portal?
Telema Portal is a web environment where customers can use Telema Web Services.  

What are the self-service options in Telema Portal?

Telema Portal self-service allows to:

How do I get access to self-service in Telema Portal?

To access Telema Portal you need personal user account (login name and password).
Your company’s Key User can create a new user account in Telema Portal.
New user will receive an automatic confirmation to e-mail about the user account created.

What is a Service Request Form?
Service Request Form is a structured request form available in Telema Portal for users to contact Telema customer service department in order to get the most operative support.

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Telema Portal user accounts

What is a user account?
User account allows authorized users to access self-service in Telema Portal with personal username and password. When you do not have a user account, you can request one from your company’s Key User.

Who is a Key User?
Key User is a person in your company in charge of managing user accounts in Telema Portal: create new, change and delete existing user accounts.
Also, Key User can modify company data (such as address, email, phone numbers etc) when necessary.

I forgot my password.
In case you forgot your password, please use functionality “Forgot your password?” in the login window of Telema Portal.

I forgot my username.

In case you forgot your username, please contact your company’s Key User or send an e-mail to

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Trade partners’ connections (Linking)

How do I start exchanging electronic documents with my partners?
1. In case your partner is already using Telema services, first please confirm with your trade partner that they would like to exchange electronic documents over Telema also with you.
Both parties are required to send a request for adding partner using Service Request Form with partner’s name, address and partner code.
2. In case your partner is not using Telema services yet, we are ready to consult them.

List of connected partners can be found in Telema Portal: click Partners/Partners’ list.

What is a partner code?
Partner code is a unique code described for each partner in your business (bookkeeping) software.
Partner code is needed for document addressing purposes in Telema EDI system - so the right document would reach the correct recipient.

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Company data modification

How can I change the e-mail address where we receive info about new order from our trade partners?
Notifications about new order from your partners are sent to branch e-mail address, which can be edited in Telema Portal by your company’s Key User under tab Branches. At first click on your company's name on the top bar and then on branches.

How can I change our company's phone number in Telema?
All company related contact information can be edited on the company’s info page in Telema Portal by your company’s Key User. To access company’s info page, please click on your company name on the top bar.

What is a branch?
All companies are described with at least one branch in Telema system - main branch.
Companies with multiple shops or warehouses have several branches.

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Document related questions

How can I create an invoice in Telema Portal?
To see help regarding invoice creation, you need to be on Invoices or Orders page and click help icon
In general, help regarding specific page can be found by clicking the help icon.

How can I correct a sent document if I discovered a mistake?

Corrections can be made by sending a new, amended document. Each document must be sent with a unique number. We advise to inform your partner about the changes and refer to the correct document number.

How do I know whether a partner has sent us a document?
Log into Telema Portal and view the list of documents in question (orders, invoices etc.) by clicking on respective tab. For your convenience it is possible to get automatic notification of document arrival to your e-mail.
To start the notification, please send a respective request by filling the
Service Request Form.

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Requests to Customer Service

How can I send a request to Telema Customer Service?
1. Quickest and securest way is to use Service Request Form by clicking on the  “Send request” button on the main page of Telema Portal after logging in;
2. by sending an e-mail to;
3. by calling directly to the following phone numbers:
•Estonia: +372 6510 650
•Latvia: +371 6793 0031
•Lithuania: +370 6112 2779

Requests can be sent at all times.
Requests will be handled during business days from 9:00 to 17:00:

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