Telema eDoc testing tool


Telema eDoc validator is a testing tool to be used in e-document development. Currently the following document types can be validated:
  • General validation (Demo)
  • order (general_order)
  • despatch advice (general_desadv)
  • receiving advice (general_recadv)
  • invoice (general_invoice)
  • Supplier's
    • product catalogue (general_seller_prodat)
    • partner's list (general_partner)
    • price-list (general_pricat)
Also, a few partner-specific validators are available:
  • Bauhof-specific order (bauhof_order)
  • Bauhof-specific invoice (bauhof_invoice)
  • Prisma invoice (PRISMA_invoice)

The document testing tool is web-based and can be found here.

The testing environment does not require login.

To begin with the testing you need to choose the document type and find the matching xml-file saved in your computer. By clicking "Validate" you initiate the validation process, during which the selected file is checked and confirmed against the Telema eDoc format. In addition, it is checked whether that particular document follows the general Telema eDoc schema, and if the recipient's business logic requirements are valid.

Result of the validation

The result of the validation appears on the website after the validation process is complete.

  • The correct information is displayed in green:

  • Mistakes found are displayed in red. If there are mistakes, the e-document is eliminated from the transmission process and will not be transferred through Telema system!

  • Black text on the screen is usually warning that part of the information is missing. The e-document will be transmitted to the recipient, however it is advisable to check, whether these empty fields should contain information that is important to one or both parties.