Telema EDI Module


Goals of the standardized Telema EDI Module are:
- to simplify new customer integrations with Telema EDI system
- to decrease the effort for Telema EDI integration projects, and workload of IT partners' customer support.


Telema EDI Module:

  • ENABLES the exchange of e-documents in business software
  • CONVERTS documents according to EDI requirements and gives them correct form
  • VALIDATES the outbound documents according to Telema eDoc format
  • HANDLES the errors which occurred in EDI documents exchange
  • STORES the history of exchanged documents in logs

Telema EDI Module USER INTERFACE in the software enables end-users to access Telema EDI services. Take a look at the demonstration videos showing how easy it is to exchange electronic documents directly from your ERP.

Functionality of Telema EDI Module


Document exchange is implemented with Telema API.


Conversion of all incoming documents from Telema eDoc format to the internal structure of the ERP Software and all outgoing documents from the internal structure of the ERP Software to Telema eDoc format.


This functionality validates whether all outgoing documents conform to Telema eDoc format. The validation of the documents ensures that the document syntax conforms to Telema eDoc specification.


Error management functionality enables the user to manage all types of errors that may occur using Telema EDI Module. These errors include, but are not limited to, errors related to incorrect document syntax, item product or customer codes, possible errors in communication with Telema EDI System, problems with document handling and other situations that require user attention. 

User must be appropriately notified of errors and situations that require user attention. 


This functionality maintains history of exchanged documents and their content in a form of a document log. The history of exchanged EDI documents (containing document metadata) must be available for 6 months.

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User Interface of Telema EDI Module

The user interface should enable convenient use of Telema EDI services for the end-customers. It is also meant for monitoring, and handling the errors, that may occur using the Telema EDI Module. The user interface must feature the languages supported by the business software.
Through the user interface the end-customer gets information about:

  • incoming and outgoing EDI documents;
  • sessions with the Telema EDI System
  • error log, including history of import and export errors

The above mentioned information is displayed in different views. The views can be combined into one single list or displayed separately.
NB! Detailed information about the functionalities and the user interface of Telema EDI Module is described in the document "Telema EDI Module functional requirements".
Please write to for acquire the requirements.

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