Telema Certified Partners' Program


The goal of the cooperation program is to provide companies nearly effortless EDI services. The cooperation program is targeted at companies acting in business software development and support.

Telema Certified Partner has:

  • developed into business software a standard functionality which enables electronic data interchange (EDI);
  • passed successfully acceptance tests of the solution;
  • agreed with Telema about end-customer activation terms:
- cost for customer
- activation time
- activation process-flow

Certified partners cooperate with Telema in new customer integrations. They also provide customers with professional and high quality business software support services.  Telema proactively recommends its partners to new customers, who are considering implementation of a new business software or change of the existing one.   

What does Telema offer?

  • Functional requirements for Telema EDI Module development
  • Guidelines for EDI implementation and development - see more on page For Developer
  • Free consultation and best practice sharing for smooth development process
  • Software libraries for improving the integration - Telema API

In cooperation with partners we are continuously improving the Telema EDI Module according to market demands.

What are the benefits of the program for customers?

For customers of Telema Certified Partners the implementation of EDI is :
  • EASY - the standardized Telema EDI Module in the business software enables to start EDI document exchange without costly and complicated software developments.
  • FAST - activation of the Telema EDI Module might take from half an hour to a few business days, depending on the agreement with the partner.
  • COST EFFICIENT - the solution offered by a Telema Certified Partner has remarkably lower start-up  costs compared to customer-specific tailored software developments.

See more about Certified Partners' activation terms.

What will our partners gain?

  • Enhancing the capabilities of business software gives COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE
  • Cross-referencing and promotions result in NEW SALES OPPPORTUNITIES
  • The additional value offered brings INCREASE IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
  • Activating new customers and maintaining the solution generates LESS WORK AND COSTS
  • Thanks to the standardized solution there is LESS HELPDESK ISSUES AND PROBLEMS