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Looking for someone intelligent, funny and good-looking?

  • Name: Telema eFlow
  • Description: environment for electronic cost allocation and invoice approval
  • Age: 1 year (in best shape)
  • Extent: mainly found in Estonia; the most exotic place covered is Japan. Suspiciously high interest for it found in Saaremaa.
  • Languages spoken: fluent in Estonian and English; currently learning Lithuanian and Latvian
  • Best characteristics: intelligent, funny, good-looking
  • What to expect: takes away most of your routine accounting tasks, makes silly jokes
  • Fluent in following software: MS Dynamics NAV 2015 by BCS Itera AS, HÄT Systems, Fujitsu and Aptus Group; Directo supported by Directo OÜ; SAF by Sysdec AS; PMen by San Revilo AS; Verp by Gaiasoft OÜ.
  • Additional skills: supplier onboarding
  • Why to keep loving: learns fast, is apt to change, gives you comprehensive overview and frees up time.

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In addition to EDI invoices, start receiving e-invoices

Vast majority of Telema customers are trade companies who have automated their trade process and their trade documents are now EDI documents. All of them also have so-called expense/administrative invoices, but those are still often received in pdf format and cannot be processed automatically.

Most large utilities, telecoms, leasing and insurance companies have been issuing invoices in e-invoice format already for years. Thanks to the roaming agreement between Estonian e-invoicing operators, it is now easy to receive also expense invoices.

Ask your suppliers to send you e-invoices (here are some suggestions how). Those invoices will then be transported to the location of your choice for further processing: electronic cost allocation, approval etc. If your accounting software has purchase invoice confirmation workflow functionality, you would want them straight to your system. The new Telema eInvoice Receiving solution, launched in April 2016, needs to be activated.

In case your ERP does not have workflow functionality, you might want to consider Telema eFlow, our brand-new product for just such purpose. Invoice approval and cost allocation will be done via web in Telema eFlow, and the resulting accounting entry will then be forwarded to your accounting system.

Make your processes more efficient by receiving all purchase invoices, product invoices as well as expense invoices, in electronic format via Telema.

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Sending e-invoices to Estonian public sector made easy

Starting from 01.01.2017, Estonian public sector (i.e schools, parishes, ministries) will accept only real e-invoices - no more PDF via email or paper. Did you know that public sector e-invoices also have specific requirements? The most notable change from EDI invoices is the requirement of PDF image to be included in the XML file.

We have packaged a suitable solutions called Telema eInvoicing that makes invoicing with public sector easy. Sending e-invoices via Telema eInvoicing guarantees compliance to public sector requirements.

The service also enables sending e-invoices to other customers. These customers do not have to be Telema’s clients (this contrasts with EDI invoices, where both sender and receiver should be Telema customers). Estonian e-invoicing operators have roaming agreements. Companies can send e-invoices via Telema to all their customers whose e-invoicing operator is either Omniva, Fitek or Telema.

If your company is trading with the public sector institutions and needs Telema eInvoicing, please contact us for more consultation at

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Does your Telema eDoc meet public sector’s e-invoicing requirements?

In April 2016, a new version of Telema eDoc specification was released. The newest version 3.0.0 was improved to accomodate the requirements of Estonian public sector. When sending e-invoices to the public sector, the invoice header must contain:
  • registry code and country code
  • separate payment data block
  • pdf image attached to the XML document
Telema eDoc 3.0.0 complies with all those mandatory requirements.

To support our new product Telema eFlow, our new solution for cost allocation and approval of purchase invoices, the following new document types are described in Telema eDoc 3.0.0:
  • ENTREC - accounting entry document
  • APERAK - confirmation of ENTREC receipt into ERP
  • CHACCO - chart of accounts
  • CLASET - cost allocation dimensions

In case you do not do business with public sector and you are not (yet) starting to use Telema eFlow, you need not to change anything. Earlier versions of Telema eDoc remain functional, however we suggest your IT support to familiarize itself with the new Telema eDoc 3.0.0.

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Connect to new EDI partners from new sexy Telema Portal

In April 2016, 520 Telema EDI customers were transferred to new Telema portal. The new Telema Portal is simpler, more user friendly, and better looking Best innovation is the new homepage that gives a quick overview of your EDI operations. Some of the new Telema Portal features include:
  • Dashboard showing your Telema EDI connection status
  • Quick search of transferred documents 
  • Alerts for any documents requiring your attention
  • Overview of your EDI partners and easy new connection request sending Just out!
  • Document log from the past 365 days Just out!

If you haven’t seen the new Telema Portal yet, browse through this presentation to explore the new features.

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