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Customer Case: Pure Distribution’s automation of sales orders collection

Well planned and executed sales process automation saved Pure Distribution from a costly ERP software change. Benefits from automation of process with the help of Telema services include 15% increase in annual revenues, add new categories in assortment (chilled goods), and not having to hire 3 new employees.

Pure Distribution SIA is a fast growing distribution company in Latvia, selling food products, mainly sweets. EDI automation allowed addition of frozen and chilled goods.
Represented brands:
PURE Chocolates, Froosh, VitaminWell, Rūjienas Icecream, Smiltenes Piens, Lazdonas Piens, Milda, Gardigan, Limbažu cheese, Cannelle Bakery, Kalnu Piens, Rūdolfs, Dobele
Delivery points:4,400
Delivery frequency:
Telema services in use:
Telema EDISupplier, Telema MMT,
Telema TeleSales
Documents:~17,000 monthly (orders, invoices, reports)
Business software:Horizon, supported by RGP

Egils Veiss,
Head of Supply Chain at Pure Distribution
One year ago, 9 salesmen of Pure Distribution were struggling with an outdated SFA solution, support to company’s accounting system was almost non-existent and the sales processes involved too much manual work. But the market situation was favourable for expansion and company had ambitious plans, for example, expanding their product portfolio to include chilled and frozen foods as well. In order to stay competitive, Pure Distribution needed an updated IT-system to support their sales operations.

Company’s experienced managers decided to automate the whole sales order collection process. The company had various customers: big retail chains requiring EDI usage, medium-sized customers that are regularly visited by sales agents and smaller shops in distant locations ordering over the phone.

The goals of the project were clear: faster and more accurate orders, monitoring sales team performance and ability to achieve more with the same number of employees.

Egils Veiss, Supply Chain Manager at Pure Distribution comments: “We found and evaluated several solutions, even considered a change of our ERP system, until Telema offered a bundle of services that met all our needs.”

  • For order collection from big retail chains, Telema EDISupplier provides the base service-exchange of EDI orders and EDI invoices. 
  • Telema MMT, the SFA solution, empower sales agents with the latest sales tools available. Besides easily composing product orders at shops, salesteam can record stock balances, use the merchandising tools, and take product pictures – all this in real time. 
  • TeleSales is a sales order entry form for various devices: computers, tablets or phones. As TeleSales is integrated with company’s accounting software, the sales clerks, who enter incoming orders, have all the needed information available: product data, customer data, and customers’ previous purchase history. Orders that are placed through Telesales are automatically processed through to production, distribution and accounting. 

“We chose to work with a service provider who was able to offer all those services as a bundle. Several vendors could provide similar services, but managing them separately takes more time,” explains Egils Veiss. He adds: “Telema is an innovative and very customer-focused partner. Proactivity was one of the reasons for choosing Telema to be our EDI partner.”

Pure Distribution has been able to extend their assortment to include the chilled and frozen foods, increase turnover by 15% and gain market share without increasing costs. The sales team believes they have made a good choice and is actively promoting Telema solutions among its partners.

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EDI efficiency in HoReCa sector - Pizza Jazz in Lithuania

In April, fully automated EDI traffic in Telema network began for Pizza Jazz, a beloved restaurant chain of 10 pizzerias in Lithuania. Telema’s project managers consulted company’s IT department in developing a fully automated connection using the Telema eDoc format.

Now all 10 Pizza Jazz restaurants compose e-orders in their ERP and send them electronically to supplier. Then, after the goods are received, also e-invoices are automatically imported into their system. It is a major change compared to sending orders and receiving invoices via e-mail, and entering all the data manually several times.

Using EDI saves time, eliminates mistakes that occur with manual data entry, and allows to concentrate on company’s main field of activity. Pizza Jazz employees can now focus on serving excellent food and making their clients happy.

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Latvijas Piens sales agents use Telema MMT

For the suppliers already using EDI services, the trending issue is to take on additional services. Latvijas Piens SIA, one of the biggest producers of cheese and industrial dairy products in Latvia, has been using Telema EDI since 2012. Last year, they started to consider upgrading their sales agents tools as well. In January 2016, the integration with Telema MMT solution was finished. Now, their 6 salesmen, equipped with Telema MMT, visit more than 100 shops daily.

Telema MMT is a software solution for sales management in real time. It allows to collect and process orders, record out-of-stock situations and product layouts, as well as collect any information from the market. All this through a mobile device directly at the shops. Gathered information is imported into company’s accounting software automatically and can be accessed through Telema Portal. With Telema MMT, sales team has more time for customer relations and management has a better overview of the sales team performance.

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Danske Bank adopted Telema eFactoring solution

In June 2016, Danske Bank in Estonia started to offer its factoring customers automatic invoice submission through Telema. Factoring invoices between clients and Danske Bank now move faster and the handling process is more convenient.

With Telema eFactoring, a copy of the invoice issued by the seller is automatically forwarded not only to buyer but also to Danske Bank’s information system. There is no need for manual data reentry, the origin of invoice is verified and the delivery channel secure. Tarvo-Jaan Rebane, Head of Asset Finance and Business Planning at Danske Bank Estonia comments: “Automated solutions enable faster financing and minimize the risk of errors. For us, security and reliability were major arguments for choosing Telema eFactoring solution”.

Telema eFactoring solution is currently in use also by Swedbank in Estonia and Nordea in Estonia and Latvia.

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