April 01, 2016
01.04.2016 Telema will install state-of-the-art e-invoicing machines
Today, on April 1, 2016, Telema will start installing e-invoicing machines to public spaces across Baltic States.The project was inspired by the state initiative to make e-invoicing mandatory in the upcoming years. E-invoicing machines will make the modern e-invoicing technology disposable to all businesses and private persons. The project is expected to be especially helpful in the remote regions where the use of Internet is not that common.
E-invoicing machines are designed to be very user friendly, enabling convenient sending and receiving of e-invoices. The devices include a scanner for converting paper invoices to e-invoices. Telema bike couriers will empty the e-invoicing machines once a day.

Anne, Shop Assistant selling mobile phones at Kristiine Shopping Centre in Tallinn is very excited: “Customers not getting the invoice on time is one of the main reasons for not paying it. These new machines will finally make the invoices available. I am quite sure it will solve our problem.”

The exterior of the e-invoicing machine is very similar to the ATM. Telema kindly reminds users not to confuse the e-invoicing machines with the banks’ cash machines. It is prohibited to feed the e-invoicing machines with banknotes. Firstly, because Telema does not have the information of the cash-owner and cannot return the money. Secondly, and more importantly, the cash feed can make the appliance reluctant to scan the regular paper documents. It is also important to note that e-invoicing machines are not able to issue cash in banknotes or in any other form, regardless of how much it is asked.

Telema’s competitors have reacted modestly, but approvingly: “All initiatives supporting the expansion of e-invoicing are always welcome. We will not instantly join the project, but will remain observing Telema’s success. Will the suspicious customers adopt the state-of-the-art solution? Telema is well-known for its brave ideas and innovations. Good luck!”

The new technology has already caught the eye of several interest groups from scattered settlement countries. Since the new markets will most likely be situated somewhere up north, the appliances will need upgrades. The next version will have an integrated kerosene stove enabling e-invoicing machines to resist cold up to minus 50 degrees.

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