January 21, 2016
21.01.2016 Telema strengthens relations with 1C in Latvia 
In the second half of 2015, Telema signed three new cooperation agreements with Latvian IT-companies supporting 1C business software. Telema Certified Partners became Avantime SIA, Onetec SIA and Smart Business Solutions SIA. Together with Elmi SIA and Fastsoft SIA, the other franchisees of 1C software in the Baltics, Telema now has partner relations with five 1C support companies.
„1C is the biggest Russian business software and one of the preferred software among Telema customers on the Latvian market. Active partnership with the local software providers makes EDI accessible for thousands of companies in Latvia,” says Vivian Maripuu, Telema’s Partner Relations Manager.

All certified partners have implemented into their 1C software Telema EDI Module. It enables users to import e-orders and export e-invoices, as well as other electronic documents directly from the ERP. Telema EDI Module being part of 1C: Trade Management 8 Latvian configuration is a result of successful cooperation. It was originally developed by SIA Elmi, the first of Telema’s 1C partners. The module is shared according to the principles established at the Round Table of Latvian 1C Support Companies initiated by Telema in spring 2015.

"Partnership with Telema adds further value to the software we provide - with Telema EDI Module our customers have fast and cost efficient access to electronic document exchange,” comments Māris Freze, the CEO of SIA ONEtec. “Cooperation also brings value to our company through additional sales opportunities of value added services,” adds Alexander Kharitonov, CEO of Avantime SIA. Aleksandrs Čurkovs from SIA Smart Business Solutions SIA concludes: "EDI brings efficiency and process automatization what our clients seek, making them more satisfied.“

Telema has been implementing Telema EDI Modules in the most widespread business software solutions in the Baltics. There are currently 28 Telema Certified Partners in the Baltics: 13 in Estonia, 4 in Lithuania and 11 in Latvia, Avantime, Onetec and Smart Business Solutions among them. Explore why join Telema EDI network.

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