May 26, 2014
22.05.2014 Telema hosted a seminar in Vilnius on Maxima EDI connection
More than 50 representatives of Maxima's top suppliers attended a seminar that explained the retailer's new 4 document supply process. Telema explained the role of EDI operator and presented several solutions that would help suppliers to comply with retailer's requirements. Participants appreciated Maxima's presentation about the new B2B process. Long Q&A session provided answers to several important issues.
Electronic Data Interchange became one of the hottest issues for the trade companies in Lithuania when at the end of 2013 country's biggest retail chain Maxima announced its migration to e-documents. The decision was that right from the start all 4 documents would be used: order, despatch advice, receive advice and invoice.

The implementation  of Maxima's 4-document supply first engages 100 biggest suppliers and continues step-by-step with the rest. Maxima is ready to connect suppliers both through EDI operators as well as directly. The pilot project is on its way and now is the time for roll out.

During the event different options for smooth EDI implementation were discussed. All presenters clarified the benefits of electronic document exchange and emphasized the change of companies' business processes.

Take a look at the seminar photos on Telema FB.
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