February 13, 2015
13.02.2015 Telema EDI services now easily accessible via software Tildes Jumis
On February 3, 2015 IT company Tilde was awarded with the status of Telema Certified Partner. Software Tildes Jumis now has an integrated Telema EDI Module. This means that thousands of software Tildes Jumis users can now start receiving orders and sending invoices directly from their accounting program.

“Tildes Jumis has a wide range of add-on components, we are glad that Telema EDI Module is now one of them. Flexibility and innovation have kept Tildes Jumis the most popular accounting and business automation software in Latvia for more than 15 years,” says Ilze Lapiņa, Business Development Manager of Tildes Jumis.

Telema’s Partner Relations Manager Vivian Maripuu complements: „Partnership with Tilde enables small and medium sized Latvian companies to start exchanging electronic documents without any delay. Telema EDI Module can be activated instantly and without any additional charge.”

Exchanging documents directly from the business software makes processes faster for all trade partners - there is no need to retype lengthy data from documents received via e-mail. On February 26, Tilde and Telema will organize two seminars explaining EDI benefits in business software:

  • Telema breakfast briefing for IT companies: ERP and EDI - sharing mutual benefits
    Click here to get more information and to register.

  • Tilde seminar for Tildes Jumis users: accountants’ afternoon

Telema has been implementing Telema EDI Modules in the most widespread business software solutions in the Baltics. Using a Telema Certified software solution with Telema EDI Module enables customers to import e-orders and export e-invoices, as well as other electronic documents with fast and easy activation. There are currently 17 Telema Certified Partners, four of them in Latvia: Ankravs, Directo, Elmi and now Tilde.

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