March 31, 2015
31.03.2015 Telema: 13 million e-documents in Baltic retail
In 2015, Baltic trade sector is expected to exchange at least 13 million e-documents. Telema’s forecast is based on the firm decision by Estonian authorities to make the transition to e-invoicing mandatory by the end of 2016. Companies are initiating organizational changes already now to be ready to comply with the new regulations.
In 2014, retailers and suppliers in Telema network exchanged nearly 12 million electronic documents. During the busiest months, the document traffic exceeded one million, the amount that used to be the yearly volume a decade ago. 2014 was tenth consecutive year of double digit growth for EDI in the Baltics.

“We were glad to notice the stable increase in electronic document exchange for all our network members”, says Hele Hammer, CEO of Telema. She adds: “Companies started to realize the efficiency of EDI and focused on bringing new partners to electronic document exchange network.” However, there is still huge savings potential as less than 20% of invoices issued in Estonia are fully electronical.
EDI documents are most widely used in the FMCG sector. All major retailers in the Baltics are using EDI. In 2014, several bigger ones (Maxima and Prisma) revealed their decision to implement 4-document supply model. In addition to order and invoice, also despatch advice and receive advice would be transferred electronically, making the process even more precise.
Telema transfers about 20 different document types of which e-invoice and e-order are the most common. In 2014, nearly 4 million orders and over 3,5 million invoices were sent through Telema network. Replacing paper documents with electronic data exchange saves time, avoids mistakes, increases customer satisfaction and revenue throughout the supply chain.
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