April 21, 2016
21.04.2016 RV Soft receives Telema Certified Partner status
At the end of March 2016, Telema awarded its long time partner, Estonian software provider RV Soft, with the official Telema Certified Partner status.  RV Soft successfully implemented Telema EDI functionality into their supported software Balanss+. 
Electronic document exchange functionality in the new software Balanss+ is technically more advanced and reliable, confirmed with Telema certificate. Telema EDI connectivity was supported also in company's previous software RV-Soft.

Balanss+ software users are now able to send and receive not only e-invoices and e-orders, but also electronical despatch and receiving advices. To start electronic document exchange in Balanss+ software users need to activate standard Telema EDI Module (355 euros +VAT) and RVExpress. RV Soft will activate the standard solution in 5 business days from the request. On Telema side there are no further activation costs.

Currently, in the Baltics there are 29 Telema Certified Partners, supporting majority of commonly used business software. Read more about Telema Certified Partners' activation terms.

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