December 21, 2010
20.12.2010 After Coca-Cola joining Telema, over 95% of FMCG business is covered in Estonia
This week, Prisma and Coca-Cola started using EDI orders trough Telema system. Telema is glad to say that after Coca-Cola connection, over 95% of Estonian FMCG business is covered by Telema system.

Especially in food and fast moving consumer goods business, EDI orders and invoices are used as a rule and not an exception. Telema system is used by more than 2800 shops and 900 suppliers, who have formed over 30 000 e-supply pairs. Mainly e-orders and e-invoices are exchanged, but also e-despatch advices, e-delivery notes and other trade documents.
Telema’s role as an EDI operator is transportation of documents (addressing, validating user rights) and processing of documents (conversion from one format to another). This means that companies who join Telema system are able to exchange documents with all network members by one setup and channel. Major benefits from EDI documents are time savings, shorter supply deadlines and improved availability of goods for the end customer. For e-document users, these factors result in noticable financial savings.
In current year, Estonian trade companies will exchange about 5 million e-documents trough Telema. Compared to year 2009, this means a 40% increase.
Telema AS