April 05, 2016
05.04.2016 New Telema eDoc version 3.0.0
New version of Telema eDoc is now released. The new release 3.0.0 was changed according to Estonian e-invoice standard to serve better Estonian public sector. It also contains new document types that enable our customers to use Telema eFlow.
The release of Telema eDoc 3.0.0 was timed to meet the e-invoicing requirements when they become mandatory in the beginning of 2017. 

When exchanging e-invoices with the public setor the invoice header must contain:
  • registry code and country code
  • separate payment data block
  • pdf image attached to the XML document
The new Telema eDoc meets all those requirements, and in addition features the following new document types:
  • ENTREC - entry document
  • APERAC - confirmation receipt
  • CHACCO - chart of accounts
  • CLASET - cost dimensions
All these document types are in use with Telema eFlow, the new solution for cost allocation and approval of purchase invoices.

Earlier versions of Telema eDoc will remain functional.
Should you have any questions, please write or call +372 6 510 650
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