April 28, 2014
28.04.2014 New functionality in Telema Service Web - credit invoices
In addition to regular invoices it is now possible to create also credit invoices in Telema Service Web. The new functionality is available for all suppliers who invoice their customers via Telema's web environment.
Users can now create multiple debit and/or credit invoices referring to one specific received order. When starting to create an invoice, user can choose from drop down menu, whether it will be a debit or credit document. By default the type in the system will always be debit. If the user chooses to create a credit invoice, all invoiced quantities will be automatically negative.

The credit invoice feature makes the system even more user friendly - it is convenient to make changes and handle the cases of goods returned.
Discover the new feature by logging into Telema Service Web. Should you have any questions or comments, please send us a Service Web Request.
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