September 30, 2015
30.09.2015 Leading Lithuanian software Pragma enables easy access to Telema EDI
From September 2015 partnership between the leading EDI operator in the Baltics Telema AS and one of the biggest software providers in Lithuania Proringas UAB enables easy access to Electronic Data Interchange. Lithuanian businesses using software Pragma can now start exchanging e-invoices and other electronic documents faster and more affordably.
"ERP Pragma is designed to automate business processes. With fast EDI connectivity, provided through Telema partnership, the efficiency can be taken to another level,” says Giedrius Zilnys, Managing Director of Proringas UAB. " Our customers - trading, manufacturing and logistics companies - can now send and receive documents directly through their software, saving valuable time and resources.“

Vivian Maripuu, Telema’s Partner Relations Manager, comments: “By adding Telema EDI module to leading local software we enable their clients to connect with 4000 potential trade partners in the Baltics and hundreds of thousands more in Europe.”

The newest Telema Certified Partner Proringas UAB has developed an EDI module in their software Pragma that enables suppliers to receive electronic orders and issue e-invoices. The company has committed to making further software developments for handling other electronic documents.

Telema has been working towards implementing Telema EDI Modules in the most widespread business software solutions in the Baltics. Having a Telema EDI Module in the software enables easy and effortless EDI connection for end users and is similar to Internet bank modules in all business software solutions. Telema Certified Partners offer EDI functionality as a standardized solution in their softwares. Using a software solution with the implemented Telema EDI Module enables customers to import e-orders and export e-invoices, as well as other electronic documents with fast and easy activation.

In the Baltics, there are currently 22 Telema Certified Partners, 12 of them in Estonia, six in Latvia and four in Lithuania.

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