April 23, 2015
23.04.2015 Latvian business software providers favor Telema EDI
Business software providers in Latvia are responding to market needs by integrating easy electronic data interchange (EDI) accessibility. Since 2014, Telema, the most experienced EDI operator in the Baltics, has certified five new software partners in Latvia. The newest Telema Certified Partners are SIA Assako Smart and SIA Batsoft.
„By adding Telema EDI Module to WinLats and Kentaurs Integra software we are taking another step in covering Latvian market with cost efficient EDI access,” says Vivian Maripuu, Telema’s Partner Relations Manager. Exchanging trade documents electronically, directly from the accounting software, enables small and medium size companies benefit from more efficient supply chain processes.There is less manual work and fewer mistakes, data is more accurate, and information travels faster.

Both Assako Smart and Batsoft are experienced Latvian business software providers who follow the market and customer needs very closely. “Customers want to exchange orders and invoices electronically, from software to software,” claims Vita Viese, owner of Assako Smart, commenting on partnership with Telema, “we cannot miss the opportunity of providing this in our software.” Ivars Ozoliņš from Batsoft complements: “State of the art features, like EDI connectivity, are a must have in professional and modern business software. We are proud to partner with Telema who has proven to offer the most qualitative EDI service in the Baltics.”

Telema has been cooperating with business software providers all over Baltics to enhance their software with EDI capability. Having effortless EDI access in standard software is definitely a competitive advantage. Using a Telema Certified Partner’s software solution with standardized Telema EDI Module enables customers to import e-orders and export e-invoices, as well as other electronic documents with fast and easy activation. In Baltic countries, there are currently 19 Telema Certified Partners, six of them in Latvia: Ankravs, Directo, Elmi, Tilde, Assako Smart and Batsoft. Latvian customers can benefit from integrated Telema EDI Module in software 1C, Tildes Jumis, WinLats, Kentaurs Integra, Directo, Grins5 and WinPrece.
SIA Assako Smart develops and supports business software WinLats. The finance program is simple, yet conforms to all requirements of Latvian legislation, and is continuously updated. The software is intended for small and medium sized companies. More than 300 organizations and thousands of users in Latvia use WinLats software in their daily accounting.
SIA Batsoft was established in 1995, being one of the most experienced software providers in Latvia. The company specializes in software development and IT project management. Batsoft provides four lines of high quality business software targeted at different organizations in both private and public sector.
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