January 12, 2016
12.01.2016 Columbus Eesti AS becomes Telema Certified Partner
Columbus Eesti AS is the third IT-company in Estonia, supporting MS Dynamics NAV, who gets certified by Telema. Earlier in 2015, Telema Certified Partners became MS Dynamics NAV support firms BCS Itera and HÄT Systems.
All MS Dynamics NAV 2015 software users supported by these companies can now easily access Telema EDI services. The latest version of the popular Microsoft Dynamics business software has an in built Telema EDI Module.

The new module enables software users to receive electronic orders and receive advices directly in their ERP. The same module allows to send electronic invoices and despatch advices. E-documents are machine readable and exchanged between partners' ERP systems. So the documentation interchange happens without having to retype any of the data manually. The supply processes becomes faster and companies can save time and money.

For Columbus's clients the standard Telema EDI Module activation in the MS Dynamics NAV2015 takes up to 10 working days and costs up to 1 500 €. In addition, the companies need to pay Microsoft licence fee. For more advanced purchase and sales process activation, please consult Telema and Columbus's specialists.

In the Baltics, there are currently 28 Telema Certified Partners, 13 of them in Estonia, 11 in Latvia and four in Lithuania. Take a closer look at the Telema Certified Partners and their activation terms.

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