October 14, 2015
14.10.2015 Access to Telema EDI through 1C software widens via FastSoft
Telema, the most experienced EDI operator in the Baltics, certified SIA FastSoft, one of the 1C software support companies in Latvia. 1C has been one of the preferred software on the Latvian market for years. More and more 1C software users have now easy access to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
FastSoft becoming a Telema Certified Partner is a result of successful cooperation. The Telema EDI Module implemented by FastSoft is a standard module originally developed by SIA Elmi. The software was shared according to the principles established at the Round Table of Latvian 1C Support Companies initiated by Telema in spring 2015.

Telema EDI Module is part of 1C: Trade Management 8 Latvian configuration. For FastSoft clients one-time activation costs 182 euros (wo VAT), and the setup takes two business days. The configuration supports receiving e-orders and sending e-invoices, and is therefore most suitable for small and medium sized supplier companies. That is one of the most dynamic group of companies in trade sector, who will definitely appreciate easy and cost efficient EDI accessibility.

In the Baltics, there are currently 23 Telema Certified Partners, seven of them in Latvia: Ankravs, Directo, Elmi, Tilde, Assako Smart, Batsoft and now also FastSoft.

Read more about Telema Certified Partners and their activation terms.

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