January 14, 2012
30.12.2011 One of the biggest retailers in Baltics chose Telema as their partner in EDI pilot project

At the end of the last year, the retailer finally started their long-awaited EDI project – until then they sent all orders to suppliers by e-mail. As the partner of this pilot project in the Baltics they chose Telema and the first partners they are going to exchange documents with are the companies belonging to Telema’s client Vaasan Grupp – Leibur in Estonia, Hanzas Maiznica in Latvia and Vilniaus Duona in Lithuania.

For years, the retail chain has sent orders to suppliers by email, in .txt format in Estonian and Latvia, and in .xls format in Lithuania. As sending business documents by e-mail has many flaws (e-mails might be delayed or even get lost and there are problems with security and confidentiality), starting with the EDI project is a long-awaited positive news. As opposed to e-mail, EDI is secure, the problems with spam letters and the threat of viruses are eliminated. In addition, EDI operator assures the authorization of the sender of the document and the document’s delivery to the correct receiver.

The retailer begins with converting orders into EDI format and the next step will be to start using EDI invoices. According to the plan, the first test-orders will be sent to Leibur in January 2012. After the pilot project, they will start transferring their other suppliers to EDI channel. To the clients of Telema, this means you should let us know about your wish to be connected, we will link the codes and EDI traffic with the largest retail chain in the Baltics may begin.

Telema AS