August 29, 2012
30.08.2012 Lithuanian Rivile and Estonian Telema connect 8000 companies for EDI
The leading EDI operator in the Baltics Telema and the leading business software provider in Lithunia Rivilė formed a partnership, enabling all Rivilė's customers to start using e-invoices and other EDI documents faster and more economically.

In Lithuania, about 110 million invoices are issued each year and currently less than 2% of them are e-invoices. With trade transactions, there are other documents involved as well--orders, despatch advices, receive advices, etc. Replacing paper-based processes and starting to use electronic orders and invoices will help to save millions of euros for trade companies. One step towards more convenient adoption of e-invoices in Lithuania is made by this new collaboration between Telema and Rivilė.

Telema’s R&D Advisor Jürgo Preden comments: „Telema realized that for facilitating the growth of our network in the Baltics States, close cooperation with local business software developers is essential. Rivilė is one of the most popular business softwares in Lithuania, so they were the first we talked to in Lithuania. We are happy that we have good cooperation partners today already in both Latvia and Lithuania. We believe the collaboration will create value to both — Telema's and Rivilė's — customers.”


In year 2012, Telema has been working towards implementing out of the box “Telema Modules” for the most widespread business software solutions in the Baltics. Having a Telema Module in the software is similar to Internet Bank Modules in all business software solutions — they usually come with the basic package or are easily and quickly ordered from the software vendor. Using a software solution that has the Telema Module implemented gives the customers the opportunity of importing e-orders and exporting e-invoices, with a centrally hosted communication with no need for lengthy and costly developments.


Rivilė's Software Development Director Virgilijus Žutautas confirms: "We are excited about this cooperation with Telema that will open up EDI communication to all of our 5000 Rivilė customers. They will be easily connected to Telema's 3000 retailers and 1000 suppliers in the Baltics. Rivilė believes e-orders and e-invoices are not competitive advantage, they are elementary good practices for all companies wanting to optimize their trade processes. Therefore, Rivilė is making an effort to ensure Rivilė customers have quick and easy access to EDI networks."

Rivilė UAB  is one of the leading business software developers and providers in Lithuania. Rivilė Gama is one of the most popular business software in Lithuania targeted mostly at small and middle businesses. Working since 1992, Rivile has today more than 5000 clients. Most of the customers are located in Lithuania or other Baltic States.

Telema AS is the leading EDI operator in the Baltic States providing IT solutions for the supply chain processes of trade companies. Telema transfers electronic trading documents such as orders, invoices and despatch advices, and processes them according to business rules. There are more than 3000 shops and 1000 suppliers in Telema system, more than 8 million documents are exchanged every year. The majority of Telema clients are operating in the Baltic States, but Telema has clients also in Finland, Poland, Germany and Netherlands.



For more information please contact:


Hele Hammer, CEO, Telema AS,

Marius Rubinas, Head of Customer Service Department, Rivile UAB,

Telema AS