January 14, 2012
21.12.2011 Annual Conference of Logistics and „the Beer Game“

In the Annual Conference of Logistics of 2011, „Rough Games,“ Telema conducted a game about the management of supply chain processes called MIT Beer Game.

A unique form of active studying was presented in the 13th Annual Conference of Logistics, which was based on playing three management games under the supervision of experienced instructors. The games stimulated the supply chain processes. Through playing the games, the participants acquired a direct understanding on the basis of functionality of supply chains, demand and how the accuracy of predicting it affects companies, the Bullwhip and Forrester effects, the theory of restraints and Lean Management in the supply chain processes. The games were carried out by instructors from Telema, Common Sense Solutions and Lean Enterprise Estonia.

The supply chain stimulation „The Beer Game“ is one of the most commonly played management games in the world. The game was carried out by instructors from Telema, headed by CEO Hele Hammer. The game gives the participants a direct understanding about the problems that exist in the supply chains and their possible causes, leading to stockouts or overstock.  The participants of the Beer Game can apply the experience they got from the game on similar problems in their own company’s supply chain and take up measures to prevent crisis.



The game was carried out on 6 tables to nearly 50 participants, which is confessedly a record in Estonia. Team „Rock“ came first with total expenses of 19 000 €. Second was team „Baltika“ with total expenses of 32 000 € and the last was team „Jõuluporter“ with total expenses of 164 000 €. At the end of the day, the participants were excited, happy and had gained important knowledge. The instructors got a lot of positive feedback.

More pictures of the event are available on the Facebook page of Sensei OÜ.

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